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How is your website impacted by the Google new Cloud Service.

We are watching very keenly as to how the Google's new cloud service will pan out and how it will impact the websites in general. We suspect that others like Amazon, Dell, IBM, Microsoft etc will also follow suite. There would a sleuth of new tools to be able to facilitate using these new services. We have deposited some initial codes already at GITHUB and soon will revert with usable GUI.

Launching the service in beta, Google continues its competition against the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM, which are also launching intelligent capabilities in their public cloud platforms.Google cloud developer launched his new Cloud Natural Language API on Wednesday 20th July 2016. Aimed was helping to developers to create applications to understand human languages. We thinking about how computer systems can read in order to process human language in intelligent ways. As an example, we most recently open-source (which includes Parsey McParseface), a natural language model that analyzes the grammatical structure of text with the best accuracy, speed, and scale.


The new Google Cloud Natural Language API in open beta is based on our natural language understanding research. Cloud Natural Language lets you easily reveal the structure and meaning of your text in a variety of languages, with initial support for English, Spanish, and Japanese. It includes Sentiment Analysis: Understand the overall sentiment of a block of text. Entity Recognition: Identify the most relevant entities for a block of text and label them with types such as a person, organization, location, events, products, and media. Syntax Analysis: Identify parts of speech and create dependency parse trees for each sentence to reveal the structure and meaning of the text.

API is built on Google’s extensive work in teaching computers to process and understand human language. Google, as public cloud providers are racing to host new applications built with intelligent capabilities. Natural language processing allows developers to build apps that can tackle the challenging task of understanding how humans communicate, and it is key for things like building intelligent assistants and chat bots.


API is optimized to meet the scale and performance needs of developers and enterprises in a broad range of industries. Example, digital marketers can analyze online product reviews or service centers can determine sentiment from transcribed customer calls. 

The natural language API entered public beta alongside Google's already-announced Speech API, which lets applications take in recorded voice clips and get the text back. By connecting the two APIs, it's possible for developers to build an app that can listen to a user's voice and then understand what that person is saying. Enterprises and developers now have access to speech-to-text conversion in over 80 languages, for both apps and IoT devices. Cloud Speech API uses the voice recognition technology that has been powering your favorite products such as Google Search and Google Now.

The Cloud Speech API, holding the ability to recognize over 80 languages, pricing is based consistently on how many minutes of recording you are planning to analyze: with the first 60 minutes per month available for free, and then after, $0.006 per every fifteen seconds. Users in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles will see a 30 to 80 percent reduction in latency when using applications hosted in the US-West1 region compared to those hosted at Google's US-Central region in Iowa, the company said.

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We are creating digital tools for various verticals and productivity, that work together seamlessly across most platforms and devices. We do not just create tools for others, we use these tools ourselves too. These tools can be the starting point as DIY, hybrid or we handle all your manpower needs from employee monitoring to real-time collaboration to project management, scheduling, you name it, we have it covered for you. I and my team are standing by to assist you in any you need to make your presence felt on the internet or be productive in your business. 

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